Rava Laadu

Rava Laadu

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Rava Laadu is a sweet, which is made ate every Jain house of Deccan on festivals like Diwali.

Rava (Granulated wheat flour) 4 Cups
Toop (Ghee) 1 Cup
Sugar 2 Cups
Cardamom Powder 1 Table Spoon
Seedless currants 3 Table Spoons

Put the ghee on a frying pan. After the ghee becomes hot, fry the rava on it. Fry until the Rava becomes reddish. Then remove the frying pan from the stove.

Now, make syrup of the sugar. To make syrup, use following method:
Put a pot on stove with 2 cups of filtered water
After the water start to boil, pour 1 cup of sugar into it.
Let the sugar dissolve completely in the water, and the solvent becomes sticky
Now pour the Rava in the syrup and stir it to mix well.
Now cover the pot with a plate and shut off the fire

After 2 hours, mix cardamom into the mixture and make balls of it. The ball should be approximately of the size of tennis ball. Press 2-3 seedless currants on the surface of the balls.

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