Huggi | Whole Wheat Kheer | Whole Wheat Pudding

Huggi Whole Wheat Kheer Whole Wheat Pudding
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Huggi is a traditional pudding of whole wheat. It is popular in the Jain community of South Maharashtra and North Karnataka. It is included in menus on special occasions like festivals etc.

Khapali Wheat 250 Grams
Good (Unrefined solid brown sugar) 250 Grams
Grated Coconut Crenel 2 Table Spoons
Filtered Water
Cashew Nuts
Dried Date Powder
Dry Ginger Powder
Cardamom Powder
Poppy Seeds 2 Tablespoons

Rinse the wheat in water
Pound the wheat in a deep pot until the covers of the wheat grains are separated.
Remove the separated covers.
Keep the wheat in water for two hours
Then put the wheat in boiling water.
Pour the Good in it.
Wait until the wheat gets cooked.
Then whisk the mixture with a chumming staff.
Then put cashew nuts, almond, dried date powder, dry ginger powder, nutmeg,
cardamom powder and poppy seeds in it and mix well.

Now the Huggi is ready to eat.

Eating Method:
Take some Huggi in a plate. Add one tablespoon Ghee in it. You can add some hot milk also to it. Traditional way of eating is by hand. You can use a spoon for eating it.

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