Banana Vegetable

Contributed by Sarah from Mumbai

2 riped banana
3 tomatto's puree
1/2 cup roasted & grounded peanut (coarse)
2 green chilly & 1"ginger paste
salt to taste
little oil for tempering.
For filling:
1/2 teaspoon amchoor pwd
1 teaspoon besansalt to taste
1/4 teaspoon grounded suger

Mix all the ingredients for filling.
Cut banana into 2 pcs & slit in between.
Fill the filling in all four banana pcs.
Put oil in a pan after 2 minutes add ginger chilly paste.sauthe for a while
Add tomatto puree.when the oil separatesadd banana & groundnut powder.
After 3-4 minutes remove from fire.
Serve hot.

This is little sweet & spicy vegetable

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