Wheat Saanja Recipe

Wheat Saanja Recipe
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Wheat Saanja recipe is similar to that of Shira. The only difference is that the granules of the wheat used for Saanja are bigger than that of Shira.

Granulated Wheat (Big Granules) 250 Grams
Good 250 Grams
Filtered Water 1 Liter
Ghee 4 Table Spoons
A Pinch of Salt

Put a Deep Pan on stove
Put the ghee in the pan
After warming up of the ghee, pour the wheat granules in the pan
Fry the granules until they become reddish
Pour boiling water in the pan
Mix well
Cover the pan with a plate
Wait until it gets cooked
Add good and salt
Let the good melt
Mix well

Now the Saanja is ready to eat. You can add dry fruits to it. Eat it as a separate dish, or with meals

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