Smashed Brinjal | Brinjal Bharit | Baingan Bharata

Smashed Brinjal Brinjal Bharit Baingan Bharata
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Brinjal is a popular vegetable in Deccan Jains and this community has developed a lot of items using this vegetable. Smashed Brinjal, known as Brinjal Bharit is one of the popular foodstuff made from brinjals.

Big size brinjal 1
Medium size onion 1
Ground Nut Oil (Or other edible oil) 2 tablespoons
Cumin Seeds Half a Table Spoon
Mustard Half a Table Spoon
Garlic Cloves 2
Asafoetida for taste
Salt for taste

Spread oil on the surface of the brinjal
Fry the brinjal on glowing coal by rotating it steadily
Remove the peel of the brinjal after it becomes cool
Smash the brinjal in a pot

Cut onion in small pieces
Crush garlic cloves
Pour edible oil in frying pan and wait until it becomes hot
Put garlic cloves, cumin seeds, mustard and asafetida in the hot oil
After they get cracked, put onion pieces in the pot and fry them until they become reddish
Now mix it with the smashed brinjal. Mix well and the item is ready to eat.

Generally the smashed brinjal is eaten with Bhaakari, Chapaati or Roti as a vegetable.

This item is perishable, and you should eat it soon after making it, or before 8 hours

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