Mint Chutney | Pudina Chatani

Mint Chutney Pudina Chatani
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Mint Chutney or Pudina Chatani is eaten in small amount with meals or snacks.

Pudina Bunch 1
Green Chillis 3-4
Ground Nuts 20 to 25
Cumin Seeds
Salt for taste

Crush all the above items (Except lemon) in crushing pot
The chutney is ready to eat!

Serve with adding some lemon juice in it.

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  1. I have eaten a mint flavoured sauce in an indian restaurant some time ago

    It defenitely was not hot, so no chilies and also more liquid like a salad dressing.

    The sauce was fresh, a bit sour, salty..maybe you can tell me if there is a recipe i could try?

    It was served as a condiment for papadams.