Naachani Aambil | Naachani Soup Recipe

Naachani Aambil Naachani Soup
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Naachani Aambil is a popular drink in Jain community of Deccan. This is usually taken after lunch. It keeps your mind cool.

Naachani Flour 1 Cup
Filtered Water 1 Liter
2 or 3 cloves of Garlic
Ginger Powder Half a Table Spoon
Salt for Taste

Keep 1 Liter water for boiling in a pot on stove
Pour one and half cup of water in Naachani flour and mix it well to make paste of the flour.
Pour the paste gradually in the boiling water. At the same time, keep stirring the mixture by a big spoon.
Add some salt for taste.
Cook the mixture for five minutes.
Now remove the pot from the stove and wait for cooling of the mixture.
Meanwhile, crush the garlic cloves
Mix the crushed garlic cloves in the mixture after it become cool.
Add ginger powder.

Now the Naachani Aambil is ready to drink. Serve in glasses with adding some buttermilk to it.

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