Smashed Green Chilli

Smashed Green Chilli
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Smashed Green Chilli is a popular item in Deccan Jains. It is a very piquant item, mostly eaten with Jowar Bhaakari in small amount. It is known as Kharda or Thecha.

Green Chillis 100 Grams
Ground Nut Oil 2 Table Spoons
(You can use other edible oils also)
Garlic Cloves 4-5
Cumin Seeds Half a Table Spoon
Mustard Half a Table Spoon
Salt for taste

Wash the Green Chillis and let them dry
Remove their stalks
Cut the chillis in small pieces
Put the edible oil in frying pan, and wait until it becomes hot
Fry the chillis in the hot oil. Remove the frying pan from stove before the chillis start to change their green color

After the green chillis become cool, crush it with cumin seeds, garlic cloves and salt in the crushing pot
Now Smashed Green Chilli is ready to serve. Serve half a tablespoon with meals

Store Smashed Green Chilli in porcelain jar. This item can last for 15 days in air tite jar.

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