Jowar Soup Recipe

Jowar Soup
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Jowar soup is a very popular drink in Jain community of South Maharashtra and North Karnatak. It is known as Kanyaa in local Marathi language. This drink is served generally after lunch. It keeps your mind cool.

Granulated Jowar 150 Grams
Filtered Water 1 Liter
Salt for taste

Soak the granulated Jowar for half an hour.
Keep a pot with water on stove for boiling.
Pour granulated Jowar in boiling water.
Stir the mixture steadily, until the mixture starts to boil.
Put some salt into it for taste.

Now the Jowar Soup is ready to drink.

Drinking Method
You can drink this soup as a hot drink, or also after it becomes cool. Generally the hot soup is taken with milk and cold soup is taken with buttermilk.

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  1. For non-indian people it would be nice to have a translation for typical indian words.

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    Not so much in this recipe but if one is browsing many sites and recipes, a bit of translation is a great help.