Bhaakari Recipe | Jowar Bread Recipe | Jowar Roti Recipe

Bhaakari Recipe Jowar Bread Recipe Jowar Roti Recipe
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Bhaakari is a traditional Jowar Bread popular in village Jains of South Maharashtra and North Karnataka.

Filtered Water
Sieved Jowar Flour 200 Grams

Take Jowar Flour in a big plate
Mix some hot water to it
Mix it well and make dough
Put the dough in another pot
Take a small amount of Jowar flour in the plate
Take a small piece of dough (About 50 Grams). Make a pellet of it.
Press the pellet on the flour in the plate by your hands.
Then rotate the pellet clockwise on the flour.
You have to expand the size of the pellet in circular shape.
When it expands to about 6 to 8 inches, take it off and fry it in a frying pan. Fry both sides. Then fry one side directly on fire.

The Bhaakari is ready to eat now.

Eating Method

Bhaakari is eaten with vegetables

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