What is Jain Food?

What is Jain Food?

Jains are followers of Jainism, one of the most ancient religions in the world. Jains do not kill or cause to kill any animal or a living being that moves. So they are staunch vegetarians. But they are not vegans, but Lacto-Vegetarians.

Orthodox Jains avoid root vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, garlic etc. in their food. They believe that root vegetables themselves are life forms having multiple numbers of lives. So generally the vegetarian food, which does not contain any root vegetables, is called a Jain food.

In most of the vegetarian restaurants in India, such Jain food is available. Now it is available in five star hotels and in aeroplanes.

But the tradition of not eating root vegetables is not applicable for all Jains. This tradition is popular in Jains of Gujarat state of India. Jains of other states are more practical about food habits. They too are staunch vegetarians, but they have not banned eating of root vegetables. Thus you can see eating of root vegetables amongst Jains of Maharashtra, Rajsthan, Punjab, Karnatak and other states.

In above condition, the vegetarian dishes popular amongst non-Gujarati Jains also come under Jain Food, although it includes root vegetables.

There are lots of varieties in the food items popular amongst Jains of various regions in India. The Jain food is not just delicious, but also nutritious.

Vegetarians should have a taste of Jain food. Lot of Jain food recipes are available in Indian cookbooks and on the Internet. Just search ‘Jain Food” or ‘Jain food Recipes’ through search engines and you will have a lot of results for your query.

-Mahavir Sanglikar


  1. nice article , i really like it.

  2. nice article , i really like it.

  3. Whoever wrote this article should know what is meant by jain. And then, should comment on what is meant by jain food.
    The First pinciple is ahimsa. It says not to kill any living being. So we don't eat roots as the number of living organism is much more than normal food.
    You should look at principles of jainism and not values of people because people follow it according to their ability.

  4. Mahavir jee i heartily request you to think more deeply on this topic and then keep in public..You might be hurting many people who follow this fact..

  5. Hy there,

    i also think it s important to tell which milk products are used by jains..and why.

    Because only milk from a cow which can raise her calf and also only the milk is taken after the calf had its fill, is good milk.

    Unfortunately i can not think of any diary available on the market which is following this rules.
    The calfes are taken away directly after birth, the milk is sold, the calfes are mistreated as is the cow.

    That is not something i would like to eat.
    Another unfortunate thing is that you can not control 100% what is in the food you eat when you buy ready made food or eat out.

    I avoid many restaurants because they have no shame to lie about their food, like using meat stock in vegetable dishes.

    That is, i think, much more important than the question if one eats roots or not.

    Surely eating like a fruitarian would be the ultimate concept of beeing a jain, what do you think?

  6. dear Mahavira Jai janader Only swetebermurtipujak muni and sadhvi donot use kandmool like patato arbhi honey and butter.but smae tration of stanekwasi and terepanthi have no problem.But we should fallow the vows of munis and sraveka.That is different.sawteber text allowed to use Gralik for muni.So whole Gujrati some marwadi jain who belong to murtipujak tradion says this type.Dasvkali sutter and achrnga sutter is allowing to muni to use prasuk bhojan

  7. REALLY article is very very informative on the basis of scientific basis. in true the fortress of JAINISM is AHIMSA, APARIGRAHA, AND ANEKANTVAD. NOW the AHIMSA IS DESCRIBED VERY MINUTELY.some one says that the following of the AHIMSA is present era is very difficult and impossible.i agree with some extent. but if we will knowledgeable about the facts so it is not difficult to follow. we are well known that if some one is going hotel so he is not following the rinciples of AHIMSA. but we are better not going to NON VEGS present our children are mostly in jobs and they are mostly I T professionals. their nature of jobs are so hectic that they are not following single principles of JAINISM. their life style is changed. being a earning members so they are out of order. no DEV DARSHAN, NO CHHANA PANI, NO RATRI BHOJAN TYAGA, AND EATING IN MIXED HOTELS AND ATTENDING DRINK SOCIETY. i want to draw your kind attention towards our daughters , in future thy will be a mother and i am fearful that they are not following the religion so their generation will be totally unknown about our cast, religion,/one more thing is disturbing me that when they are in services from their native places so the celeb icy is also doubted. inter cast marriages and live in culture is also developed.we are trying to teach them but they resume us out of dated.we do not know the fate of the generation. they are more dangerous than other cast persons.