Malida Recipe

Malida Recipe

Malida is a sweet item made on special occasions, especially on the festival of ‘Urus’. Urus is related basically to the followers of Islam, but is celebrated by the people of all creeds. Almost in all the Jain villages of Deccan, there are Dargahs, and the trusties of the Dargahs are Jains and Muslims.

On the occasion of Urus, Malida is made in every Jain family.

Wheat 250 Grams (You can use millet or rice instead of Wheat)
Milk 250 Ml. (Vegan? No matter, you can do it without Milk)
Grated Jaggary 200 Grams
Grated Coconut kernel 100 grams
Pepper Powder Half a tablespoon
Dry Ginger Powder Half a tablespoon
Poppy Seeds Half a tablespoon
Sesame seeds Half a tablespoon

Fry the wheat in frying pan, until it becomes brown.
Grind it coarsely in mixure.
Mix the powder into milk.
Make Bhakari of the mixture. (How to make Bhakari? Click Here)
Now make small pieces of the Bhakaries, and grind them coarsely in the mixure.
Mix Grated Jaggary and Coconut kernel into it
Fry Pepper powder, dry ginger powder, poppy seeds and sesame seeds and mix all the above items in mixure.

Now the Malida is ready to serve. Serve with Ghee.

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