Millet Sweet Balls | Baajari Laadu

Millet Sweet Balls: Baajari Laadu

Millet 250 Grams
Grated Jaggary 200 Grams
Grated Coconut kernel 100 grams
Pepper Powder Half a tablespoon
Dry Ginger Powder Half a tablespoon
Poppy Seeds Half a tablespoon
Sesame seeds Half a tablespoon

Make Malida of millet using above items, without using milk and Jaggary. See Malida recipe at:

Make thick syrup of Jaggary. To make syrup, boil 200 Ml. Filtered water in a pot, the add jaggary to the boiling water. Mix the Malida in hot Jaggary syrup. Wait to cool down the mixture, and then make medium size balls of it.

Serve it with ghee.

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