Gram Leaves Vegetable

Gram Leaves Vegetable
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Gram leaves vegetable is one of the popular foodstuff in Deccan Jain community. It is eaten with Jowar Bhaakari or Chapaati and also with rice.

Gram Leaves (Green or Dried) 50 grams
Gram Flour 50 grams
Filtered Water 250 ML.
Ground Nut Oil 2 Table Spoons
(You can use other edible oils also)
Garlic Cloves 3-4
Green Chilli cut in pieces
Turmeric Powder Quarter a Tablespoon
Cumin Seeds Half a Table Spoon
Mustard Half a Table Spoon
Asafoetida for taste
Salt for taste

Put a deep frying pan on fire
Pour edible oil in the frying pan
After the oil becomes hot, put garlic cloves, green chilli pieces, mustard, cumin seeds and asafetida in it.
After the items get cracked, turmeric powder in it
Pour water into the pot
Put salt for taste in it
After the water starts to boil, put gram flour little by little in it and stir well continuously.
Then put gram leaves into it. Mix well
Cover the frying pan with a plate
After few minutes, shut the fire

Now the Gram Leaves Vegetable is ready to serve.

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