Jain Pav Bhaji

Contributed By: Pratiti, Ahmedabad

Pav or Buns - 12 pieces
Raw banana -1Peas - 200 gms
Cauliflower -100 gms
Brinjal -1 small
Tomato -3
Capsicum -3 (Red, yellow and green)
Lemon -1
Corriander leaves to garnish
Pav bhaji masala (any brand)
Butter for fryingSalt to taste

Chop the tomatoes and capsicum finely and keep aside.Cut the remaining veggies in big pieces and cook in a pressure cooker with a little water for 7 minutes. When cooled, peel the raw banana and discard the skin. Now mash the veggies with a masher. Meanwhile, heat some butter in a frying pan and fry the capsicums and tomatoes. Add the boiled veggies and sprinkle pav-bhaji masala and salt. Mash again with the masher till the veggies blend well. Garnish with corriander leaves.Now heat some butter in another shallow pan and shallow fry the buns(pav).Serve with lemon wedges.

If you peel the Raw banana before boiling, it loses its iron content substantially.

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