Preserving Buffalo Milk | Milk Preservation Techniques

Preserving Buffalo Milk Milk Preservation Techniques
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As you know, Jains are Lacto Vegetarians, so the use of milk products is significant in this community. Generally Buffalo milk is unpopular and use of Cow Milk is negligible.

If the milk is directly got from buffalo, you have to add some water into it before heating it (about 50 ML in a liter of the milk). But if it comes from dairy, you do not need to add water, as they already add a lot! Always filter the milk before heating.

Heating process:
If you want to heat one liter of water, put it in a larger size pot. (1.5 to 2 Liters size).
Then put the pot on medium fire. As the milk becomes hot, it will start to inflate. Let it inflate up to the shore of the pot, then slow down the fire or just cut off the fire or remove the pot from the stove.

Now the milk is ready to use. Let it cool down. Keep it in freeze for preservation. Generally the milk lasts for 24 hours, provided that you heat up it twice with a gap of 10-12 hours.

If you forget to heat up the milk, it will turn sour. But don’t worry and don’t throw it away. You can make some nice items from it to eat.

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