Plain Rice Recipe

Plain Rice

Filtered Water
Clean Rice 200 Grams
Salt for Taste

Wash the rice with clean water
Do it once again
Put the rice in cooking pot
Add some filtered water. (The water level should be higher by about one Centimeter than that of the rice)
Put some salt for taste in the pot.
Cook it in Pressure Cooker
Or you can cook it in a pot. If you are cooking in a pot, cover the pot with a plate. Put some water in the plate. Cook the rice until the water in rice evaporates and the rice becomes soft. In case the water evaporates before the rice becomes soft, add some hot water from the covering plate to the rice.

Now the rice is ready to eat.

Eating Method:
Take the rice in a plate. Add some Varan (Moong Daal) to the rice. Pour half a tablespoon of Toop (Ghee) to it. Mix it all.

In traditional way, you could eat it with your hand; otherwise you could eat it with a spoon.

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